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Laser sensors.

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Einat Electro-Optics Is an engineering & sales representative company specializing in the field of Electro-Optics, Image Processing & Process Control.

Last minute news.

Cameras - now available in GigE!

FastVision  High-Speed/Hi-Resolution digital camera .
1-16 Megapixel, 8/10/12 bit,  Color or Mono Camera Link or GIGE Cameras .
Camera Link CardBus frame grabber

and video standard frame grabber for laptops.

Einat offers a line of intensified cameras and tailor made intensified cameras


עינת אלקטרו אופטיקה מציעה מבחר דגמים של מצלמות לראיית לילה
SIGHTech makes the self-learning Eyebot,  
processes for visual defects.
Laser measurements

3D, Width, Thickness, Vibration,  Pipediameter.

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